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Your virtual presence is more important than you think.

Why? Because you can’t afford to have a bad virtual presentation.

All of our in-person work has moved virtual. The sale you want to close. The webinar you need to nail. Or the tough conversation you have to have with an employee. Your success is riding on the results of those conversations. So don’t go in alone. VODIUM is your tool to enable you to drive the results you want to see in every type of meeting and presentation.

Communication is 93% nonverbal. A lot is lost over Zoom. This means your best presenters are already behind.[1]

Eye contact is critical to communication, increasing trust by 16%, but it doesn’t come naturally when presenting virtually.[2]

People receive lower performance ratings over video conference.[3]

1. Mehrabian, A. and Wiener, M. (1967). Decoding of inconsistent communications, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 6, 109-114; and Mehrabian, A., and Ferris, S.R. (1967), Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels, Journal of Consulting Psychology, 31, 3, 48-258.

2. Musicus, A., Tal, A., & Wansink, B. (2015). Eyes in the Aisles: Why Is Cap’n Crunch Looking Down at My Child? Environment and Behavior, 47(7), 715–733.

3. Basch, J. M., Melchers, K. G., Kurz, A., Krieger, M., & Miller, L. (2020). It Takes More Than a Good Camera: Which Factors Contribute to Differences Between Face-to-Face Interviews and Videoconference Interviews Regarding Performance Ratings and Interviewee Perceptions?. Journal of business and psychology, 1–20. Advance online publication.


If you’re on video, you need VODIUM.

  • 01 Present Like a Pro
  • 02 Maintain Eye Contact
  • 03 Reference Your Script or Notes
  • 04 Feel In Control
  • 05 Land Your Key Points
Present Like a Pro

Inspired by a traditional teleprompter, VODIUM allows you to present confidently and stay on message on every video conference.

Maintain Eye Contact

VODIUM sits directly beneath your computer’s camera, ensuring your audience feels like you’re speaking directly to them.

Reference Your Script or Notes

Read a scripted presentation with VODIUM’s automatic scroll. Or reference your speaker notes by scrolling manually.

Feel In Control

VODIUM can be locked in place and on top of your video conferences so that you feel secure and can focus on presenting.

Land Your Key Points

With VODIUM’s transparency controls, you can see your audience behind the app to gauge engagement and reactions.

VODIUM works for you.

Note taking

Reduce the transparency and take notes while you look at your team or client

Retain scripts

Lower your stress by setting up days before the big speech or presentation


Drive a productive meeting by having your agenda and questions right in front of you


Ensure your keynote speakers and panelists present flawlessly and engage the audience


Improve your delivery and stop looking down at your notes or multiple screens


Stay on message and save time by not having to memorize talking points

Sales & Recruiting

Nail your pitch and remember your key prospect questions without looking down


Be in control of the conversation by not forgetting to make the big ask

Focus groups

Lead the virtual room by maintaining the session flow and engaging participants

Communicate like a pro

VODIUM Joins the Cvent Vendor Marketplace as the First Virtual Teleprompter Solution
Team VODIUM | January 12, 2023

VODIUM Joins the Cvent Vendor Marketplace as the First Virtual Teleprompter Solution

VODIUM is excited to announce it is now listed on the Cvent Vendor Marketplace [https://marketplace.cvent.com/en-US/apps/405928/vodium] as the first virtual teleprompter. Cvent is a market-leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider. The Cvent Vendor Marketplace offers users a curated network of trusted vendors to support in-person, virtual and hybrid event requirements. Learn more about VODIUM on the Cvent Vendor Marketplace here [https://marketplace.cvent.com/en-US/apps/405
Q&A with Camille Padilla, Co-founder of VODIUM
Taylor Veino | July 11, 2022

Q&A with Camille Padilla, Co-founder of VODIUM

Camille Padilla, Co-founder of VODIUM has been chosen as one of the 50 recipients of Google's Latino Founder Fund. Learn more about Camille's founder story and what being a Google-backed company means to her.
We're on Mute | Episode 1: B*tch, you want to open up a company?
Taylor Veino | May 23, 2022

We're on Mute | Episode 1: B*tch, you want to open up a company?

In this first episode of the We're on Mute podcast, Camille Padilla and Mary Mellor, founders of VODIUM talk about their career journeys before becoming entrepreneurs and share the no BS story behind building VODIUM—including breakups, a global pandemic, and several cross-country moves. Listen Transcript CAMILLE: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the podcast. my name is Camille Padilla, one of the co-founders of VODIUM and alongside me is my co-host and glamorous co-founder: Mary Mellor. Mary, how


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