VODIUM is here to help you reimagine communication.

Virtual communication puts us all at a disadvantage. Why?

Our audience is now our computer's camera. It's difficult to consistently engage someone who is easily distracted on their computer. And we still need to be thinking about body language and tone of voice on video. This new world requires new skills and new tools to help us communicate at our best.


Communication is 93% nonverbal. A lot is lost over Zoom. This means your best presenters are already behind.


Eye contact is critical to communication, increasing trust by 16%, but it doesn’t come naturally when presenting virtually.

8 sec

People decide whether they find a particular subject interesting or not within the first eight seconds.


If you’re on video, you need VODIUM.

  • 01 Present Like a Pro
  • 02 Maintain Eye Contact
  • 03 Reference Your Script or Notes
  • 04 Feel In Control
  • 05 Land Your Key Points
Present Like a Pro

Inspired by a traditional teleprompter, VODIUM allows you to present confidently and stay on message on every video conference.

Maintain Eye Contact

VODIUM sits directly beneath your computer’s camera, ensuring your audience feels like you’re speaking directly to them.

Reference Your Script or Notes

Read a scripted presentation with VODIUM’s automatic scroll. Or reference your speaker notes by scrolling manually.

Feel In Control

VODIUM can be locked in place and on top of your video conferences so that you feel secure and can focus on presenting.

Land Your Key Points

With VODIUM’s transparency controls, you can see your audience behind the app to gauge engagement and reactions.

VODIUM works for you.


Drive a productive meeting
by having your agenda and
questions right in front of you


Ensure your keynote speakers and
panelists present flawlessly and
engage the audience


Improve your delivery and stop
looking down at your notes or
multiple screens


Stay on message and save
time by not having to memorize
talking points

Sales & Recruiting

Nail your pitch and remember
your key prospect questions
without looking down


Be in control of the conversation
by not forgetting to make
the big ask

Focus groups

Lead the virtual room
by maintaining the session
flow and engaging participants



Ready to look like a pro on video? Try out VODIUM on your next video conference with our 14-day free trial.

Compatible with macOS 10.14 and Windows 8.1 or newer