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Team VODIUM | August 03, 2022

What to Look for in the Best Teleprompter App

What to Look for in the Best Teleprompter App
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Teleprompters aren't just for television reporters anymore. Learn how online teleprompters improve virtual communication for everyone from content creators to business leaders during virtual meetings.

Do you remember the good old days when every newsroom in the country wasn't complete without a clunk, old-fashioned teleprompter?

For decades, a teleprompter was one of the most critical pieces of technology used in broadcasting studios. That's because it helped create the illusion that the newsperson was making direct eye contact with every viewer, which helped boost authority and credibility.

These days, teleprompters aren't just for television reporters anymore. Thanks to technological advances, many people use them to deliver flawless spoken content, including videographers, content creators, Instagram influencers, and business leaders during virtual meetings.

However, instead of deploying bulky hardware like in bygone times, these individuals simply download a teleprompter app to their computers.

Teleprompter apps are fantastic whether you're dipping your toes into the public speaking waters for the first time or are a seasoned pro.

How teleprompters apps boost your self-confidence

There's no better way to deliver a speech to an audience than a teleprompter app. Because it allows you to appear poised, prepared, and self-assured, it's a terrific confidence booster.

A teleprompter app liberates you from the need to memorize your text. This allows you to focus on things other than your written words, such as gauging audience reactions, nuances of body language, and whether you need to speak slower or faster.

Because something as simple as forgetting to smile can derail your entire speech, having more time to focus on these aspects of your presentation helps you deliver better presentations.

Some individuals have an innate gift of getting their words across to big groups with minimal awkward pauses or visible signs of anxiety. However, even the most gifted speakers on the planet feel moments of dread when talking in front of a crowd, which is why it's no secret that they use teleprompter apps.

If they can use them, so can you! Virtual teleprompters help you deliver your spoken content without the rote memorization that's so mentally draining.

Delivering a polished and professional speech takes considerable skill. However, using a teleprompter app drastically reduces the learning curve, allowing you to relax and naturally read your text with little to no preparation.

With a teleprompter app, you can use a computer to speak directly to the camera and confidently deliver your lines without spending an astronomical amount on expensive teleprompter hardware, breaking eye contact with your audience, or constantly glancing down at notes.

What to look for in a teleprompter app

You don’t want a teleprompter app that doesn't work as it should.

If it’s glitchy, you could falter at the most critical stages of your presentation. Something like this could cause considerable embarrassment and even negatively impact your bottom line. That's why you owe it to yourself to always go with the best virtual teleprompter you can find.

If you're looking for the best teleprompter app, there are important considerations you should think about. The following are what you should be able to do with your teleprompter app.

Ensure the integrity of your script

It's a huge time saver when a teleprompter app lets you import your already-prepared script. There's no need to retype speeches into the app if you've written them on your computer, which keeps you from making any mistakes in a rewrite.

An unfortunate spelling mistake or mispronunciation could undermine the professionalism of your presentation. Ensure that whichever app you spend precious resources on has text editing capabilities that are simple and intuitive. Many speakers love to be able to make changes to their prepared speeches right up to the moment they go live. If that’s you, this is one teleprompter option you don't want to go without.

Most teleprompter apps allow you to make notes, which is helpful if you need to add supplementary speech material or need reminders to smile more. Because these notes will only be visible to you, you can add whatever you want to boost the effectiveness of your presentation.

With VODIUM, you can easily copy your script directly into the app. Simply transfer your words from your computer so all formatting remains intact. You also can make notes and changes, then export the script back to your computer.

Adjust your display for perfection

To ensure that your presentation goes smoothly, you need to make sure your display is suited for clear and effective speaking.

If your text is too small or in an unreadable font, you’ll be squinting at your audience, which is not what you want. A good teleprompter app should give you considerable flexibility in displaying text. The best ones let you change text size, text color, background color, alignment, fonts, formatting, and margin size.

It might feel more natural to look at the faces displayed on your monitor instead of at the camera. However, to maintain eye contact, you need to look into the camera. Luckily, some teleprompter apps let you position them right next to the camera. That way, you keep your eyes where they're supposed to be. When your audience sees that you're making eye contact, it helps them to connect to what you're saying.

If you want to be able to engage with your audience, you need to be able to see them. Teleprompter software can sometimes block you from looking at your audience, taking up a large portion of your screen. The best teleprompter app should have transparency controls so that you can see your audience.

VODIUM allows you to change the text display to your liking. You can also move the teleprompter right by the camera. With VODIUM's transparency controls, you can see your audience behind the app to gauge engagement and reactions. This feedback is crucial if you want to see how receptive your audience is to your ideas.

Remain in control of your presentation

A good teleprompter app helps you feel confident and in control. You should be able to use it with ease and focus solely on presenting without worrying about the teleprompter making you lose your place.

You don’t want to worry about accidentally moving the teleprompter, as this shift in eye contact could be a hiccup that loses the audience. The best teleprompter app should allow you to lock it in place so that’s not a concern.

The best teleprompter apps also let you choose between automatic and manual scroll. With these options, you'll be able to read a speech at a speed that feels natural to you without any awkward pauses or embarrassing tripping over your tongue. If other speakers use the app, each one can choose the text scroll rate they're most comfortable with, so their delivery won't feel stilted.

It should also be easy to use on your own. Old-fashioned teleprompters required an entire production crew to make them work. That’s usually not an issue with virtual teleprompters. However, you'll probably want a teleprompter app that's easy to set up and operate by a single individual.

With VODIUM, the teleprompter can be locked in place on top of your video conferences so that you can feel secure. It has automatic scrolling if you want to set a certain pace or manual scrolling if you want to stay in complete control. Plus, it’s easy to install and use, meaning you can be your very own production team.

Use different operating systems and videoconferencing software

If you’re working with a team or multiple organizations, there might be some differences in the operating systems or videoconferencing software they use. You don’t want to be stuck with a teleprompter that isn’t compatible with one or the other.

For ultimate versatility, a teleprompter app should be compatible with more than one operating system. For example, VODIUM is compatible with macOS 10.14 and Windows 8.1 or newer. You should also be able to use it with many videoconferencing platforms. VODIUM works directly on these platforms, allowing you to use it in any virtual presentation.

Deliver flawless spoken content with VODIUM

VODIUM is an all-in-one teleprompting solution you can use on a computer. Our app makes it easy to keep an audience engaged while giving a virtual presentation.

VODIUM gives you total control over every aspect of your spoken content, from scrolling speed to text style, size, and color.

Our intuitive and easy-to-use technology allows you to flawlessly deliver spoken content without spending days memorizing a speech. It can transform anxiety-ridden speakers into confident and persuasive orators.

It's the most user-friendly and feature-rich teleprompter app you'll find anywhere. It's ideal for uses ranging from video production to podcasting to making a stellar impression at virtual business meetings.

Moreover, we're compatible with all meeting platforms such as Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

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