We’ve just raised a seven-figure seed round & we pitched at SXSW 2022! 🎉

The VODIUM team will showcase their technology and demonstrate how better communication leads to better business outcomes in the future of work.

The VODIUM team is notably the only all female co-founder team in the entire pitch competition. Additionally, VODIUM successfully closed on a seven-figure seed round in February. “We’re thankful to our investors for believing in the Future of Work and the success of virtual communication,” said Camille Padilla, co-founder at VODIUM. “With this new round of funding, we are investing in our patent-pending technology and innovation. As well as building out our B2B infrastructure to deliver VODIUM at scale,” co-founder Mary Mellor said.

What is VODIUM?

VODIUM is a virtual teleprompter app that allows professionals to maintain eye contact with their audience while presenting in a virtual environment. With its transparent technology, VODIUM sits directly on top of any video conferencing platform allowing you to reference your notes or read a script seamlessly while presenting.


Our mission at VODIUM is to empower you to be the most effective communicator possible on video. Created by a diverse, female team at the start of the pandemic, VODIUM’s patent-pending technology is used daily by both individual consumers and large enterprises all around the world.

From Fortune 50 Executives, Members of congress, Top Global Media Executives, Sales Executives, to Small-Town School Teachers.