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Why Windows Users are Choosing VODIUM:

VODIUM is a virtual teleprompter for presenting or communicating virtually on your Windows PC. It allows you to read your remarks while maintaining eye contact with your audience. Professionals all around the globe use VODIUM everyday for impactful communication - from Fortune 50 Executives, Members of congress, Top Global Media Executives, Sales Executives, to Small-Town School Teachers.

Everything you need from a Virtual Teleprompter for Windows

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Easy-to-use Teleprompter for Windows PC and laptops

Platform agnostic

VODIUM sits on top of all video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx.

Paste and go

You can simply paste in your notes or script directly into the app and present seamlessly. When you open VODIUM, your text will still be there.

Share your screen

You can share your screen (other than your full desktop) and still use VODIUM without your audience knowing. You can watch this video for more instructions.

Lock on top and in place

You can lock VODIUM on top of all open windows and in place directly under your camera, with the confidence the app won’t move or disappear as you present, answer questions in the chat, or flip your slides.

Fully customizable to your needs

Adjustable transparency

VODIUM has adjustable transparency so that you can see your audience and slides behind the app. Or block them out to focus on your delivery.

Variable font sizes

You can select the font size that suits your preference for both readability and pacing if reading a script.

Scrolling options

You have a choice in how to scroll through your text. You can use hands-free mode, which scrolls like a traditional teleprompter, tab through your text with our arrows, or scroll manually.

Retains text

VODIUM retains your text, allowing you to quit out of the app and reopen it to see the previous text stored.

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Designed with your security in mind

No data collection

VODIUM retains your text, but does not store any of your text entered in the app. Your information is stored locally only and private to you.

Desktop application

VODIUM is a desktop application hosted locally on your device. None of your information is stored in the Cloud.

Enterprise ready

VODIUM supports clients with very strict security protocols - from government agencies, to high profile elected officials, to large corporations and financial institutions.

How to set up the Virtual Teleprompter App for Windows


Get the app

You can either buy VODIUM now or try it for free first.


Install it

Follow the simple installation instructions on the screen.


Start using it

Follow the simple installation instructions on the screen.

VODIUM works for you

Note taking

Reduce the transparency and take notes while you look at your team or client

Retain scripts

Lower your stress by setting up days before the big speech or presentation


Drive a productive meeting by having your agenda and questions right in front of you


Ensure your keynote speakers and panelists present flawlessly and engage the audience


Improve your delivery and stop looking down at your notes or multiple screens


Stay on message and save time by not having to memorize talking points

Sales & Recruiting

Nail your pitch and remember your key prospect questions without looking down


Be in control of the conversation by not forgetting to make the big ask

Focus groups

Lead the virtual room by maintaining the session flow and engaging participants

Frequently asked questions

Is there a teleprompter for Windows?

VODIUM works with Windows PC 8.1 or newer. Including Windows 10.

Is there a scrolling teleprompter for Windows?

You can scroll our virtual teleprompter on your Windows PC either manually or automatically.

Can I use my computer as a teleprompter?

We’d like to rephrase this question as, “Are there teleprompters that work easily with my computer?” And yes, VODIUM does exactly that. The app is designed to work easily with your everyday virtual work. As a notes app or used as a traditional teleprompter.

What is the best font for reading a speech?

Our virtual teleprompter offers font sizes up to 12 through 48. The font depends on what type of remarks you’re reading. For notes, or note taking, many of our users fall in between 12 - 20. Then, for more formal, uninterrupted speeches, you can increase your font size all the way up to 48. We recommend you play around with the font sizes each time you enter in new text.

What is it like to use a teleprompter?

Like anything in this hybrid world, using a virtual teleprompter on Windows PC requires practice. VODIUM scrolls like a traditional teleprompter, but our transparency and ability to sit on top of open windows and applications allows all of your virtual work to be all in one place. Versus looking down at your notes or away form the camera, which puts you at a loss with your audience.

What is the best teleprompter software?

VODIUM is the recommend option as the best teleprompter software for virtual work in the hybrid world. The app was specifically designed to sit on top of any video conferencing software, allowing you to see who or what’s behind the app. We have users across the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 Executives to small-town school teachers. We hear this everyday, “We don’t go on video meeting without VODIUM”.

Ready to look like a pro on video? Try out VODIUM on your next video conference with our 14-day free trial.

Compatible with macOS 10.14 and Windows 8.1 or newer